NorPac Club Racing

SCCA Club Racing “National” events are held each year to determine Divisional point champions and who qualifies for the SCCA National Championship Runoffs. US MAJORS Tour was introduced in 2013 and has replaced all National races in 2014.

Starting in 2014, the U.S. Majors Tour will conduct Championships in four separate Conferences – Eastern, Northern, Mid-States and Western. Northern Pacific Division (NorPac) and Southern Pacific Division (SoPac) make up the Western Conference.x

Each Conference Championship will count points from a driver’s best eight finishes.  Each Division also has a specified path to qualifying for the Runoffs®. Click above for NorPac’s path via Divisional points.

The Divisional path will allow all drivers (national class cars) to have a chance at qualifying for a spot at Run-Offs. See SCCA website for more info and all schedules for MAJORS.

New in 2014 is the restructuring of the race competition license. As drivers renew their competition licenses they will receive back a “Full Competition License”. This new license replaces the old “Regional” and “National” designation. For the first year (2014) Regional, National, Pro, and Full Competition Licenses (providing your car fits a National Class rules) will be able to enter a US MAJORS Tour event. Novice permit holders and Vintage License holders can not enter a MAJORS event. Before 2014 each year, approximately 65-70 Nationals are held, broken into the eight divisions, with each division running a minimum of six events. Only drivers with a National-grade license could compete, which meant a requirement of Driver’s Schools and Regional’s must be met.

There are 28 separate classes that compete in SCCA MAJORS events, (New in 2014 is P1 and P2, replacing CSR, DSR, and S2)  Each year the requirements for Runoffs invitational change slightly as well as some classes. Check the GCR for the correct year for requirements.

If you have questions send a message to the Points Keeper using the form on the Administrators page.

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