NPDiv Championship

2022 Northern Pacific (NorPac) Division Championship & Runoffs Qualifiers

Runoffs Qualifications:
The SCCA Board of Directors has set three distinct paths to receive a Runoffs invitation in 2022. See GCR 3.7.4.A for additional detail.

  • Path 1 U.S Majors Tour, Super Tour and/or Conference Events
  • Path 2 Division Championship Events
  • Path 3 Defending National Championships

Norpac Division Championship

Norpac Championship Participation Requirement:

  • A competitor must participate in a minimum of four of a single Division’s championship points weekends in the same class.
  • The top eight race finishes will be counted toward the Championship.
  • All Norpac races held in 2022 will award Division Championship points

Runoffs Participation Requirement: ref GCR 3.7.4 SCCA Runoffs

  • Runoff’s invitations will be extended to the top 3 drivers Runoffs eligible classes (top 5 in SM & SRF3) in each class.
  • All races held in Norpac between the end of the 2021 Runoffs and September 13, 2022, (2)two weeks prior to the Runoffs will count toward the 4-event weekend participation requirement.
  • Drivers that have Qualified through the Majors path will not be removed from the Division point standings in 2022.

Performance Requirement:

  • A competitor must finish in the top three positions in his class point standings, except SM and SRF3 where the top five will be invited.

Eligibility Requirements

  • All Norpac races in San Francisco, Oregon, and Northwest Regions count for Divisional points, including U.S. Majors Tour and Super Tour events.
  • All Majors/Runoffs-eligible classes are included.

Licensing Requirements

  • Regional events: Drivers holding SCCA Full Competition licenses, SCCA Pro Licenses, SCCA Vintage Licenses, and those holding SCCA Novice Permits are eligible to enter. Competitors must hold a SCCA license prior to accruing points in the Norpac Division Championship but must hold a SCCA Full Competition license to receive a Runoffs invitation.
  • Ties in the Division Championship standings are resolved based on the drivers’ 2022 record of first place finishes, then second place, then third, in all 2022 Norpac Divisional races. If two or more drivers have identical points they are tied for the position in the standings.
  • All drivers in Norpac Regions of Record shall be automatically entered in the Division Championship standings.
Position Points   Position Points
1st 25 11th 10
2nd 21 12th 9
3rd 18 13th 8
4th 17 14th 7
5th 16 15th 6
6th 15 16th 5
7th 14 17th 4
8th 13 18th 3
9th 12 19th 2
10th 11 20th 1