Mission Statement

The mission of the Northern Pacific (NORPAC) Division of Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) is to provide competitive and administrative training to its members;

  • To keep an open line of communication with SCCA’s national headquarters;
  • To maintain high professional standards in place among its regions; and
  • To provide a platform for its Membership that facilitates networking and solving mutual challenges.

WHY is it important for the NORPAC Division members to meet?

  • It helps provide consistency in licensing and administering club events
  • Provides communication between regions
  • Establishes camaraderie
  • Provides an avenue for collaboration
  • Awards Divisional Championships
  • Can possibly influence national decisions.

WHO should participate?

  • Regional Executives and Regional Board of Directors
  • Club Administrators, e.g. Divisional Administrators, Chiefs of Specialty
  • Members

WHAT does the Division do?

  • It improves communications, programs, schedules and member participant, ªand official training on Division-wide basis.
  • It upholds and enforces the policies, rules and procedures of the SCCA.

WHEN does it convene?

  • Once a year, preferably in late October.


  • Atlantis Hotel Reno NV