NorPac Board of Directors

NORPAC Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of the Regional Executive, or their representative, of each region as the only voting members. A Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, & Treasure are appointed members. The two Area Directors are voted on by the membership of the appropriate regions. The Executive Steward is appointed at a national level.

To contact any of these members go to the contact page and select their title.

Arctic Alaska Region  – Terrance Pearson
Big Sky Region – Joseph Broom
Montana Region – Bob Nommensen   (406)799-7619
Northwest Region – Scotty B White  (253)278-6006
Oregon Region – James Coshow
Reno Region – Anthony Ta
San Francisco Region – Timothy Charles Sullivan  (925)487-4629
Snake River Region – Jeremy Braun
Southwest Montana Region – Loren Katzenberger  (406)600-3818

Chairman/Secretary* – Gary Van Horn
Vice Chairman* – Dave Deborde
Treasurer* – Unknown
b>Area 9 Director* Charles Davis
Area 13 Director* – Jeff Zurschmeide
NORPAC Executive Steward* – Dave Deborde

* non voting members