The Northern Pacific (NorPac) Division of SCCA offers a full complement of SCCA venues from Alaska to Northern California and from the Pacific Ocean to central Montana. All regions offer at least one branch of SCCA. (RallyCross, RoadRally, Club Race, Time Trials, Solo)

There are nine different Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) “Regions” which make up the Northern Pacific (NorPac) Division of SCCA.  Within our Division, there are two “Areas” which elect a member to represent them on the National Board of Directors.  There are 13 Areas in total, covering nine SCCA “Divisions” represented on the National Board.

The two Areas in NorPac are Area 9 & Area 13. These two areas were established through a national SCCA Bylaws revision, approved by the national membership in 2000.  The change was effective beginning with the National Convention in February 2001.  Area 9 includes the San Francisco & Reno Regions, while Area 13 includes the other six Regions: Northwest, Oregon, Arctic Alaska, Big Sky, Montana, Snake River and Southwest Montana.  Area Directors are elected by the membership of each Area.

Regional Executives (R.E.’s) are elected by the members of each Region and comprise the voting membership of the NorPac Board of Directors.  It also has as non-voting members the two Area Directors and the Divisional Executive Steward as well as some appointed positions such as Web Administrator, Chairman, Secretary etc. The appointed positions may be filled by one of the Regional Executives if they so desire though typically they have been filled by other people.