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A brief history of the Division’s development follows:

1995 – The first Divisional gathering was held in Portland, Oregon, hosted by Oregon Region.  It was then known as a “Round Table” meeting after similar gatherings already being held throughout the country by other SCCA Divisions.  The most significant decision to come out of the 1995 gathering was an agreement to do it again in 1996.  The meeting was to be held in January so input and issues from the Division could be taken forward to the National Convention, traditionally held in February.

1996 – Round Table was held in Tacoma, Washington, hosted by Northwest Region Consensus from the meeting was to continue the Round Table format on a rotating Region basis.

1997 – Round Table was held in Sacramento, California, hosted by San Francisco Region.

Several different Divisional Logo designs were reviewed, and a design was selected.  The Regional Executives also reach consensus regarding standards for holding National Races.  It was decided that if a Region held more than two National events, a different track or track configuration would be required for the third event.  The opening morning breakfast on Saturday and the Sunday and open meeting/Town Hall and breakfast became a standard forum for the Round Table.

1998 – Round Table was in Reno, Nevada, hosted by Reno Region.

This meeting featured a tour of the new Auto Museum housing much the remaining Harrah’s Automobile collection (after the lion’s share had been sold at auction).

With the developing and expanding format now regularly including seminars and training sessions, it was agreed that renaming the Round Table to the Divisional Convention was appropriate. 

Having a stable location for the annual meeting was felt to be very desirable and the pricing for the Reno area, along with good airline connections and fares was also felt to be important in making the meeting more accessible and attractive to a larger audience.

1999 – The Convention was hosted by Northwest Region.  A formal Divisional Administrative Structure was established.  The Board included an appointed Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

2000 – The Convention was hosted by Oregon Region.  A formal set of by-laws was adopted by the Board.

2001 – The Convention was hosted by San Francisco Region. The Divisional officially incorporated as a non-profit entity under the laws of Oregon in 2000.  The Pacific Coast Road Racing Championship advisory board was established.

2002 – The Convention was hosted by Northwest Region.  The NorPac Board of Directors decided that the larger regions were better equipped and staffed and should assist the smaller regions in planning and organization of the convention so all regions would have a chance to be a host or participate fully in the process of developing and managing a convention.  Subsequently, a rotating schedule of Convention Host Regions was established during the interim at the April Quarterly Board Conference Call.  The rotation will be on a 4-year basis, pairing larger Regions with smaller Regions.

2003 – The Convention was hosted by Northwest RegionThe NorPac Board established an Executive Convention Committee to provide continuity among the Regions and retain a pool of experienced talent and ongoing support to assure the continuing quality of the annual event.

2004 – The Convention was hosted by Reno Region.  The convention registration reached a record 145.  However, a slight bump to attendance was a major snowstorm in Oregon with the Portland International Airport closed.  Seven members were unable to get to Reno.

2005 – Convention was hosted by Oregon Region. A record breaking snow storm in Reno was felt by everyone attending and not able to attend the convention.  Overall only 104 members actually attended the event.

2006 – Convention was hosted by San Francisco Region.

2007Northwest Region was the host this year with assistance from Big Sky, Montana, and Southwest Montana Regions.

2008 – Hosted by Reno Region A scaled back version this year to focus on the future direction of the division and the mission statement. The BOD decided to go back to the host regions area for convention in 2009. This was our last year at the Atlantis.

2009 – This event was to be hosted by Oregon Region and they decided they didn’t want to and Northwest Region took over the responsibility with the understanding it would be held in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area.

2010 – No convention or training was held by the division in January 2010. At National Convention in February the Chief Registrars from the NORPAC Regions gathered and came up with a training plan. On November 6, 2010 the division will hold a training conference in Reno.. The “gatherings” are now hosted by the division with the divisional race registrars doing most of the planning.

2011-Once again a general meeting was held in Reno in October. It was simple and basic with good attendance and plans were to meet again the following year in October with the same format.

2012-2013. Meetings were held in October of both years in Reno. Division strategy and goals are further defined.

2014 – The schedule of Run-Offs at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in October adjusted the meeting date to January 2015. The addition of adding SOPAC to the meeting will strengthen the Majors program in the Western Conference (SOPAC & NORPAC). Click here for more info

Region count per year

  • October 2001 – 8588
    • Arctic Alaska – 90
    • Big Sky – 59
    • Montana – 53
    • Northwest – 1550
    • Oregon – 1200
    • Reno – 181
    • San Francisco – 5349
    • Snake River – 106
  • October 31, 2002 – 9626
    • Arctic Alaska – 117
    • Big Sky – 79
    • Montana – 65
    • NWR- 1596
    • Oregon Region – 1616
    • Reno 221
    • San Francisco Region – 5800
    • Snake River Region – 132
  • October 31, 2003 – 8052
    • Arctic Alaska – 94
    • Big Sky – 60
    • Montana – 75
    • Northwest – 1449
    • Oregon – 1566
    • Reno – 233
    • San Francisco Region – 5429
    • Snake River Region 146
  • October 31, 2004 – 9573
    • Arctic Alaska -117
    • Big Sky – 88
    • Montana – 75
    • Northwest – 1506
    • Oregon – 1586
    • Reno – 264
    • San Francisco – 5751
    • Snake River -186
  • October 31, 2005 – ??
    • October numbers were really off this year
  • October 31, 2006
    • Arctic Alaska
    • Big Sky
    • Montana
    • Northwest
    • Oregon
    • Reno
    • San Francisco
    • Snake River
    • Southwest Montana
  • October 31, 2007 – 7309
    • Arctic Alaska – 106
    • Big Sky – 74
    • Montana – 101
    • Northwest – 1001
    • Oregon – 1169
    • Reno – 290
    • San Francisco – 4361
    • Snake River 141
    • Southwest Montana – 66

With the change of reporting (streamlining) this number report ended in 2007.

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