NPDiv Championship

2018 Northern Pacific (NorPac) Division Championship & Runoffs Qualifiers

Runoffs Qualifications:
The SCCA Board of Directors has set two paths to the Runoffs in 2018.

·  Path 1 is via the Majors (Conference & National)
·  Path 2 is via Divisional Racing

NorPac Division Championship and Runoffs Qualifications:
·  All NorPac races in San Francisco, Oregon, and Northwest Regions count for Divisional points, including Majors events.

·  All Majors/Runoffs-eligible classes are included.
·  Drivers must hold an SCCA Competition license (Novice, Full, or Pro) prior to accruing points in the NorPac Division Championship.
·  Drivers must have at least 6 finishes over 4 weekends.
·  Best 7 race finishes shall be counted.
·  No Out-of-Division races will count toward NorPac Division Championship.
·  All drivers in NorPac Regions of Record shall be automatically entered in the Division Championship standings.
·  Points scheme to be used is the same as for the Majors, points are awarded down to 20th position for all Divisional championship races.

Position Points   Position Points
1st 25 11th 10
2nd 21 12th 9
3rd 18 13th 8
4th 17 14th 7
5th 16 15th 6
6th 15 16th 5
7th 14 17th 4
8th 13 18th 3
9th 12 19th 2
10th 11 20th 1

· Events after August 31 will not be counted toward Runoff Qualifiers but will count toward the NorPac Championship.
· Ties in the Division Championship standings are resolved based on the drivers’ 2018 record of first place finishes, then second place, then third, in all 2018 NorPac Divisional races (Best 7 finishes and outside Best 7). If two or more drivers have identical records they are tied for the position in the standings.
· If a driver qualifies for the Runoffs by their finishing position in the Majors or by invitation as a Defending National Champion, the Division standings (for Runoffs qualifications only) will drop down to the next qualified driver in points in that class.

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